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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Red Sale Campaign
There's a roadshow held at the Mall, Gadong. The roadshow was about "The Red Sale Campaign" where if anyone who apply any of HSBC product, they'll receive rewards and discounts from the merchant.

So, if your interested in applying loans, credit card or any product from HSBC, 40 exciting prizes waiting for you.

Credit Card
1st year fee waiver for Primary and Supplementary (except for Premier MasterCard® and Visa Platinum Primary Credit Cards)

Home and Personal Loan
15% discount on Application Fee

5% discount on initial sales charges for Open-end Unit Trust#

Life and Non-life Insurance
Receive cash vouchers
Espeacially for the Credit Card and loans, you may see me for the detail @ HSBC Jerudong Branch, 1st Floor and see me as Dk Bari'ah or call 2252032.
These ara some picture taken during the roadshow is on..

Ka Nun & Ka Sher

Bad & Abg Malli

Ka Sher, Ka Nun, Bad & Abg Malli

Bad & Muza

Amal & Muza

the HSBC staff looks busy

This man is trying to build the blocks

Internet Banking Center

Ka Sally with her balloons

Ka Hjh Mai & Ka Sher

Ka Sally & Abg Malli

Muza with peace

She's trying so hard to jump but unfortunately i can't captured it. *Sorry :p*

Ka Ratna, Ka Nurul, Ka Abby & Amal

Add from the above is Is

Minus Is, add Abg Malli

Is surrounded by the ladies

Some of the MSU Family

Penyerahan I don't know. Haha.
As you might know, the Mall is packed. And I know I can't get car parked at the area so I just park my car @ the car wash near MakCik Bakery to get my car clean and in a way to have parking free... Whahaha~

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Amin

Happy Bithday to YOU~

This is your day~

Hehe.. Would like to wish you "Happy Birthday" and wish you all the best.. And, don't forget.. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you..


Gbah's 24th Bday
Pictures during "Gbah's 24th Birthday" celebration which was held on 18th January 2008 taken at Nyonya Restaurant, Gadong. Here are some pictures taken; sorry for the delay..

Menu for the day:


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