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Friday, December 12, 2008

On her 1st day..
On the 1st day she was born.. Hehe..


Monday, December 8, 2008

New born baby girl.. Yay!
Around 12:30 am on Monday, 08/12/08, a new baby girl was born. And here is the pictures below:

Isn't she looks adorable like me... owh~ Hehe.. Yay!!! I'm just to happy that i have new niece.. Hehehe.. The brother was on Christmas and now she' on Hari Raya Aidil'Adha.. Good Day.. Hehe.. Last night around 12.40am, my mum knocked my door and went to the hospital till 2+ am.. I'm so sleepy at the mo.. But i have to go now.. My perut singing already.. Hahaha..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Having fun on my Saturday night..
Just came back home 40 mins ago from playing Go-Kart at Jerudong Park. Well, at 1st only Syam, Amni, Wali and Dee who came. Amni, Wali and Syam only who played at the 1st round while Dee and I just watched them play. It was fun.. It's all about FUN~ FUN~ FUN~... Then after that, we went for mkn cause i'm really hungry..

Then saw Wawa there with tut~ hehe.. Well, i miss everyone who i met just now.. Especially Dee, it's been awhile i didn't see her.. Btw, i had my 'tongking' and lemon chicken just now.. kayang eh~ Hehe.. When we had dinner, we had company; Babun and Pat a friend of his.. Then for the 2nd round, i took the chance to play th Go-Kart but unfortunately, Dee and Amni didn't play..

Well, my experience playing Go-Kart is i was scared since it was my 1st time and im afraid if something happen. But i managed and learned how to control it. And im proud that i won at 1st place.. Wohoo~ Hahaha.. *kambang~ jgn jelez*.. I hope next time if I had the money or sharing, i would love to book the place just me, my frenz or my cuzies to play there and have fun... :p

Just like tonight, im having soo much fun with my boyfriend and my frenz played Go-Kart together and spending our time since we haven't meet for quite awhile.. Hope next time we have the chance to play again with more frenz who could join la ah... It must be so much fun if lagi ramai.. Too bad Herman couldn't come.. Nada tia urg kn gambar kmi main... Hahahha.. Salah~ Mcm ia nda kn main jua kn?? Hehehe.. Bah, its late oredi, it's 2:17am oredi.. I better go to bed now.. Goodnight and may i have a good sleep.. Hehe.. :)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kayah's suprise bday pictures
Suprised birthday Kayah was held at *place below* on the 20th November 2009. Here some pictures took by my brother...

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love him..
Love you Daddy.. Hugz~

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Nice Portrait..
Nice shot.. :)

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More suprise picture...
Birthday suprise for Babah - Part 2..

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