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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late pictures...
Sorry for the late pictures and sorry didn't update u.. But here some of the pictures..

Part 1..


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 15th Monthsary...
Happy 15th Monthsary Syg..


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy 27th Birthday Kayah.. Wish you all the best and gudluck in everything you do.. Wishing you'll enjoy on your special day.. May ALLAH bless you through out the year with joy and happiness with good health and wealth.. So you can treat me some sushi or something in Le' Taj.. While your kids playing at the Jungle Gym.. Hehehe.. Laterzzz... See you at home.. :)


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Congrates Zaty..
Congrates Zaty..

Sorry i don't have any of your pic here... But i would like to say congartes to you.. Congrates that you've got 5'A' for your PSR and gudluck when you get to your new school next year at Maktab Sains.. Hope your sister could guide you through the years since you'll be in the same school as her.. Hehe..

So Zatul, guide her in her studies yea.. Hope you can help her in her studies till the end.. Gudluck to you both.. Love yah~

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Happy Birthday..
Happy 15th birthday to my lil sis Zatul.. Wish you all the best and sucess in everything you do.. Hope your happy always besides your loves ones.. May Allah bless you.. Now, i'm waiting for your treatz!! hehehe.. Your a year older now, so you know how to take care of yourself now.. Hehe... You know we loves you... Gudluck~


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Question for you..
1) Who wants to join me to Temburong for a trip that i've mention earlier?
*Proposed Date: 21st December 2008 (21.12.08) - Sunday
* Trip before end-of-year 2008
*Any suggestion please do tell

2) Who wants to join me to KL for $262 or KK for $152?
*KK either airplane or own car or rent a bus
*Proposed Date: 16th January- 19th January 2008

For more information, just leave a msg on my chatbox or tex me at my hp or msn..
*strictly for family & friends*

p/s: i really need to go out from this town.. Hehe.. Im bored..


Suprise... Suprise... Suprise...
More pictures to be upload...

Well, lastnight was fine eventhough some suprises didn't work well but the other some works very well and it's all worth it.. Thanks to the committee for the event.. We did it!! Hehe..

Last night we had a birthday celebration for my Dad, KaAtein and advance for Kayah as well.. My dad was supposed to be late like usual but last night he came earlier than the guest sooo not good.. but it's alright because the birthday cake makes him suprise and he also suprised that we invited most of his fav to this party.. It's about more than 50 guest.. The celebration was held at Mamih Beribi and the food was nice.. I love the Tom Yam eventhhough it's hot very HooooT... So yea, he was suprised.. 1st he wanted to go to Dynasty.. He asked us to book but we can't cause we booked at Mamih earlier as planned...

He called us to go home earlier to get ready for dynasty thing and he wanted to invite the fav... But sorry dad for being ignorance abt the Dynasty.. What can we do, we've booked Mamih earlier.. Hehe.. Then after dinner we had a lil suprise for KaAtien which she didn't expected sal ia nyamal dah that she thought we only celebrating for Babah.. Hahahaha... Kayah was so happy and sang "Happy Birthday" to KaAtein and she didn't realise that her cake was there too.. Funny~ Haha.. I should take a picture of her reaction.. Hehe..

So, i'll be upload some pictures of lastnight soon.. If im not lazy enough.. Hehe.. Keh?! Adios~

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Monday, November 10, 2008

To Babah & Ka Atein
Happy 62nd Birthday Babah


Happy 25th Birthday Ka Atein

May Allah bless you with prosperity in health and wealth.. Wishing you have a very memorable day in life and hope that the day will be the most happiest day as a year older now. Hope you enjoy on your special day..


Monday, November 3, 2008

Tired and Sleepless..
Hey ppl.. Sorry for the late update.. ;p

I'm very busy and lazy to update.. But now, i felt i need to write something on it.. Well, on we had our Stock Checking on Friday and Saturday where my part is just to key in the number of stock and updating them to the database..

My fingers is getting thinner and tired key-in all the numbers but it was fun.. We also had ou free delicious food sponsored by the company,itself.. But some of te customer didn't understand that on those days we supposed to be closed but they still come and called us.. Didn't they read the newspaper where there's an advertisement about our company were closed for the two days..

Busy.. Busy.. Busy.. Now it comes to the lazyness~ Well, on Saturday afternoon after i send my attendance to school, i had a good nap till Sunday morning.. Can't believe it... I had a good Saturday night with resting my soul since Syam had his BGC's Dinner thing... And now, im wasting my time watching Lipstick Jungle cause i can't sleep.. Im gonna watch this till it end.. Im watching the 1st season of Lipstick Jungle... I love the movie.. Especially Victory,she's hot, she's talented and the boyfriend sweeeettttt.... Haha..

Selalu tu, awal2 ganya... sudah akhir2 mcm urg gila... Owh, i better get off now.. Orelse i will talk nonsense since i was in crazy mood at the mo.. Yea, im losing my mind with those syiets... Owh well~ well~ well~ i really gotta go and i have to concentrate on the movie.. Keh?? I'll update again soon .. InsyaAllah...


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